Champions of Tymeria

The Sacred Book of Lugun

What have we done so far? (updated after 5/14/2016 session)

…Complete these Quests in Lugun’s name and be rewarded…_

1. Convince the villagers of Lorlea to migrate to Tymeria.

2. Destroy the unnatural beast terrorizing the town of Lorlea.
– completed – 2500gp earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

3. Stop the cult of the Midnight Serpent;s activities within Lorlea.
- completed – 500gp earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

4. Locate the facility in the Feywild and hald Zehir’s expansion.

5. Eliminate the threats to Lorlea and allow for continued trade and expansion for the village.

6. Locate the source of Vecna’s involvement in the area and put an end to the plans of his underlings.

7. Convert Shrines and other places of worship of dark deities to Lugun.
- converted one – 25gp Earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

8. Bring back any artifacts to Tymeria for study

9. Locate the Crocodile Priests and disrupt whatever plans they have in place.


Character Points earned (1)-Windy

The Sacred Book of Lugun
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