Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued 3)

Nanami's Journal Entry

June 25th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

I am starting to think the Pyramid is really good at getting people separated. It’s like a labyrinth at random times. I mean, we already lost half a dozen members, but luckily Windy is back! Yay! I was really worried she was hurt or possible exploring a super special awesome secret section of the Pyramid without me, I mean, the entire party. Anyway, the two new people in the group have gone missing, the dwarf and the elf. (shrugs)

Anyways, things have been getting strange. The raven pal of Phoen squawked as we were discussing now to remove the seeds. Which isn’t the strange part, no it was when he, Black Stalker, pecked out the seed from Phoen, swallowed it, then spat it back out, and placed it back into Phoen’s arm. Also, it also started to stink a little.

Then Phoen decided to ask his friend to repeat this on the rest of us, which he refused to do. Luckily Persephene was able to cut the seeds out of the rest of us. And then Windy cut hers in half. But it wasn’t really anything in it, but itself. Well, after all these things we decided to send Beriah and Drago to see if we couldn’t get help from Gharesh and his people.

So they were able to get Gharesh to join with us to take on the plant faction. To be truthful, I tried to find the good in that faction, but after the whole seed thing and not holding up their end of the bargain, and the creepy vibe everybody is getting… Also, I was getting a sense that the spirits wanted me to defeat the corruption.

We all headed to the plant people with our plan ready. Windy would use her roguish skills to jam the door to the eastern room when we go through it, in order to prevent reinforcement from that direction. They seem to get suspicious when she kept shutting that door so I made up a story about how Windy loves to close doors, even when we were in the Palace to the Spider Queen.

Is there a palace run by a spider queen? Maybe, there are all sorts of strange places out there. Wait, I remembered that abandoned manor that Windy and I explored. It had a lot of spiders, most of them common non-monstrous types, well, aside from that one part with the monstrous black widow. I guess there is a palace of sorts with a spider queen. Wait, what about Lolth…?

Anyway, we managed to fool them long enough to get into position against the south wall. It wasn’t a long conversation before we started the epic battle. Persphene used some special ranger magic to cleanse the shrine with the power of vines wrapping around and cracking it.

The battle was brutal. At one point in the battle I fell, but Windy protected me. I’ve learned to not like dire boars and plant monsters all that much. During the battle Persphene called an angel and Drago had this halo and wings thing. These celestial powers helped to protect us against all manner of monster, including this woman who had this bashee like wailing power. I unleashed my emerald flame, burning as many enemies as I could. The White Dragon sent ice elementals to help us and they were needed.

The battle was tough, but we survived. Well, I guess that is a given since I am writing about it. Though, I suppose I could be doing this as a ghost. But that’s not what is going on. Unless I don’t know if I am a ghost, wait, how would I tell? I could pinch myself and see if it hurts. Give me a moment. Okay, back and the pinch hurt so I’m alive. With that mystery solved I shall continue on with my story.

Oh, there is something important to note. After defeating Camnor, that evil vibe disappeared and I felt the presence of a spirit. I feel different somehow, like I might have been given something. That’s something I will have to meditate on when I get a chance. So another mystery is added. But this time I shall continue the story without solving it here and now.

We searched the rooms and found some stuff we could sell and some magic potions. Persphene, Phoen, and Beriah teamed up to give the dead boar to the White Dragon as a gift. It was Persphene’s idea, but she needed Beriah’s magic floating disc and Phoen to lift it up onto the disc. We also got the last of the keys for the level, yay our side!

Anyway, we decided to finish exploring the first level to make sure we weren’t leaving behind any dangerous enemies that could sneak up on us and we also needed to find the exit to the next level. Well, exploring we came across a hallway with mirrors and Persphene screamed in pain and was bleeding from her nose. She managed to shake it off, but I was really concerned. I assumed it had something to do with the mirrors and Fingers went over to one to smash it. At the same time Drago tried to open a door across from us with his hammer, and that didn’t really work so it would be up to Windy to get it open.

While all this was going on, it turned out the mirrors were magic and a Lizard Folk started shooting fireballs from them. And then there were a few green orcs and some weird little dudes of darkness. Two of the orcs were on the other side of the door Windy opened. That was not what we were hoping to find.

Fingers managed to smash one of the mirrors. Persphene shot one and shattered it, but those things could magically regenerate. I call that cheating because mirrors aren’t supposed to do that. Then I got hit by a potion in the back of my head that shattered and created a healing mist. I was going to complain to Drago about that, but getting healed is nice.

It was an interesting battle, for some reason Beriah seemed to be the main target of all the attacks. Phoen was fighting one of the orcs when I came flipping my way toward the orc and jumped up into the air, coming down with a devastating kick to the orc’s head. After all the fighting we have been doing that was really satisfying.

Well, we beat down all the enemies besides the mirror lizard. However, I noticed another door and went to that, I shouted for Windy to open it because it was locked, but then I decided just to kick it down. In that room there was the Lizard Dude that had been casting the fireball spells. I got him to surrender and it turned out that he wasn’t all that committed to the cult of Zehir. I decided to make nice with him while Drago wanted to break that guy’s legs and Windy intimidated the poor creature. Anyway, we got him to tell us important information and he will travel with us to point out traps along the way.

It’s a crazy time here in the Mystery Pyramid!


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 5 (Nanami)

The Pyramid (continued 3)
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