Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued 2)

Nanami's Journal Entry

June 11th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Well, here we are in the Temple. I’m still covered in blood from the Rat King and now we are off to fight the Plant Folk.


Anyway, to fill you all in on what has been happening since killing the Rat Lord guy here I go.

First, we searched the rooms in the rat section of the Pyramid, and we found a few items worth some money. And we found this dog statue thingy. We also looted the garbage monster, my comrades took a tentacle and I removed on of its eyes as proof we had done the deed. It was really gross, well, still is gross I didn’t get rid of it, but gave it to Beriah instead so he can do magic stuff with it.

During the search Windy disappeared into what I can only assume was a super-secret room. I am so jealous. But what can you do? So we continue onward, er, backward to the Plant Folk. And to be clear, at this time we were still “buddies” with them.

So on our way back Persephene gets a telepathic message from Beriah, apparently they are fighting the plant faction in the room next to us. After some negotiations we managed to convince the plants to stop fighting with our friends. But then they backed out on giving us the key and they wanted to put seeds in everybody. However, they didn’t get to do the seed thing with our friends. But now we have to go fight a White Dragon for them. None of this sits well with me or my party.

We headed to the dragon’s part of the Pyramid. During this point I gave Beriah the eye of the garbage monster. I think those things are actually called Otyugh. But now back to the adventure so far.

We got to a long hallway filled with ice. It was really cold and slippery. There was a fight with the White Dragon’s minions, a bunch of Eladrin. I had terrible luck on the ice and I will leave it at that. Luckily, Beriah was showing some serious tactical skills with he employed his Stink Cloud spell, cutting down many of the enemies. Or should that be poisoning down many of the enemies? Not sure if that makes complete sense.

After that we made our way to the dragon’s lair, Drago knocked on the door and did most of the talking with the dragon at first. Darrack tried to approach, making the White Dragon unhappy. By the way, I forgot to mention, with our friends were two new people, Darrack and Rangar. The first of those two is this dwarven healer who can fight and the second is an elven nature person, druid, I think.

Anyways, back to the story; tensions started mounting and I decided to step up and speak. As if I were being guided by the spirits of the wild, I managed to help Drago with convincing the dragon to ally with us. That and Persephene glowing trick to express out powers was pretty neat. Then I told Beriah to show him the eye of the beast we had slayed.

The results of all that is now we have agreed to help the dragon and he will give us his key. We now have to fight the plant people and get the key they promised us earlier, but failed to follow through on. Maybe there will be a way to talk it out, but I have a feeling that option is off the table, and on the floor, next to a mouse hole, and then the mouse has come out and grabbed it, running with it back into the wall, stashing it somewhere nobody will look.

Now I want to go hunting giant swamp rats with my classmates from the academy. But that is for another time, another place, most likely a swamp since that is where those rats are found. Just thinking about that brings back memories of the sunken temple and when Clara and I were first exploring for the Society and the Order.

But now it is time to focus on the task coming at hand. The plan for handling the plant people must be made.


Character Points earned (5)-out of possible 5 (Nanami)

The Pyramid (continued 2)
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