Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued)

Nanami's Journal Entry

May 28th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Well, after the Lizard Folk we were able to find the next key, yay our side! Anyway, we continued our journey into the Pyramid. We came to this room with columns and some humans. They didn’t want us going to one of the doors in the back of the room. When we asked about it they said there was “nothing of interest there” so I said then it won’t matter if we went into it then.

But they started getting nervous and Windy was able to convince them that we were with the cult of Zehir. Which she did really well, unfortunately they were enemies of that cult. Sigh. So we started fighting the group of human, some armed with crossbows, led by a dragonborn in armor.

The Barbarian ran straight for the leader, like he does. Then I went in and knocked out some of the dragonborn’s teammates. Unfortunately there was a crossbow guy all yelling bullseye and trying to shot me with a crossbow. After the first time with that happening I made sure to hit the deck and avoid a second round of his stunning bolt. And I don’t mean that it was really well-made bolt, I mean it literally put me into a daze. Also, the dragonborn, his armor gets all shiny and heals his mate. I wasn’t quite sure because at the time I saw that I was prone on the ground, avoiding the second bolt attack.

However, halfway through the fight some of their men turned into werewolves, which then got use fighting together with the humans and their dragonborn leader. Then bursting through the door we weren’t supposed to go through was another werewolf named Joseph? Or something like that. Well, things got really awkward when it turned out that, that werewolf was the brother of the dragonborn commander guy.

At first he didn’t attack his brother who was a werewolf, but then he changed his mind when his brother started hurting everybody. During the fighting we realized we had no way to actually kill these werewolves since nobody was carrying silver. Well, that was the case until I unleashed by special wind technique that tore apart one of the werewolves while slamming Joseph into the wall. So now we know, silver and wind both work to kill werewolves.
But, we didn’t want to kill the dragonborn’s brother so we just knocked him out. Then Persephene broke out with some metal chain to help them tie up Joseph; which naturally she wanted to be reimbursed. Sigh again. So talking with these guys we learned that they are in a struggle with the cultists and other people in the Pyramid.

We decided to provide them help, by looking for anything that might break the werewolf curse on the dragonborn’s brother. And they told us one of their men went missing after going into the chapel. We decided to investigate that, after we had a good long rest to get our strength backup.

We made our way to the chapel, coming across a room with whispering statues. That was kinda strange. Well, we then found the chapel and this robed woman saying prayers to [Ermonias?]. She told use she was trapped in the room by the people we were helping. So not turning done a request for help we went to work on the runes that seem to have her sealed in the chapel.

Windy did a lot of good work using her know-how of traps to start taking apart the runes. But as that happened demons kept being summoned by the runes. And for some reason I couldn’t hit them for half the time we were fighting them. Though, I tried to talk to them to get their side of the story, but they refused to talk. Too bad, because after helping the lady get out it turns out she was actually a succubus.

Now, my friends were quieted jaded by this. Me, on the other hand, I felt bad I didn’t think to ask the woman more questions before we decided to help her. However, I don’t know for certain if she really was evil and tricked us. I know she tricked us, but I’ve seen some pretty dark souls redeemed, so maybe. Either that or it is just a charm spell, but I would like to think maybe she isn’t all evil. I wonder if we will run into her again. I am curious to what she is doing in the Pyramid and who she really is.

After the demon left we examined the room, I discovered a secret door, and it led us to a treasure chest which Windy opened. So, it wasn’t a complete lose. Sorta. Anyway, we went back to where the rainbows initially split off in the hallway and started looking for keys and answers in the south-west of the Pyramid.

We entered into this big room with vines hanging down from the ceiling. It was all humid and warm, plus there was dirt on the ground, lots of it. In fact, it went down more than a foot before I hit rock. Which, by the way I was borrowing Windy’s shovel to do that. She thought me odd for that, but I wanted to make sure we weren’t dealing with a false floor. Oh, how I hate false floors. Grrr. Then again, Windy did put on a gas mask we got from the ogres earlier. So, who truly is the odd one here?

As I was doing that Persephene was working on a ritual to help us. Not sure what it was supposed to have done because she couldn’t finish. See, the Barbarian decided to investigate the vines there was some strange goblin-like creature that went flying by playing tag with a blade. Well, I tried to tag him back, but man he was fast. Then the Barbarian tagged that guy with his weapon.

It wasn’t long before we were fighting plant people and fast running goblin-ish guys. We decided to try and made our way through the room to the next to get out of the vines and take away their hiding places. Well, that didn’t go as plan as we ran into more plant people who we ended up negotiating a cease in hostilities. We learned they had one of the keys and the leader, he wanted out of the place, but needed our help in killing the Rat King or was it Rat Lord. Anyway, that would prove to be a very disguising experience.

Not really wanting to go into too many details here, but we find the room that is under the control of the Rat King and there was of all things a false floor. You can’t see it right now because I am writing this, but my ears have gone back, well, you’ll have to trust me on that if you are reading this. Anyway, the Rat Lord turned out to be a trash monster thingy of doom.

The whole battle with him was a mess. First the Barbarian gets flung into the room next to use with the creature in it via a floor trap. We fight off a hoard of diseased rats. Windy figures if she could get below it somehow we she could disable it, she also realized it was going to trigger again, but we both ended up in the room with the Rat Leader Guy. I made a mighty wind ki strike against the beast, but It wasn’t long before we were both in another room as the trap sprang again. Then we were surrounded by rats in a small room. Then after burning up as many of the rats as I could with my fire technique we ended up in yet another room, though this time I was able to find the gears to the machine and Windy was able to reset and disable the trap.

After that we all went took on the trash monster and defeated it. I need a bath, a nice hot bath with plenty of soap. That and a good book to read, sigh. Clara would know the perfect book for that if she were here


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 5

The Pyramid (continued)
RobertDM katmaze

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