Champions of Tymeria

The Glory of Zehir

The Journal of Yo-Pei



  • 3 Days Until the Summoning

All Glory to Zehir. I kill in your name. I live for the day your coils wrap around the Sun and bring darkness to this world and all others.

As always…I work the machine to bring the ignorant under your control.

First, the accounts…


Number of Slaves converted
Number of Slaves executed to bolster Zehir’s influence
Villages/Towns in progress
Villages/Towns annihilated
Villages/Towns under control

Bokar and his muck dwelling Crocodile Priests have arrived. They have brought the bones of their beast God Sebakar with them.

The Ritual is on schedule for 3 days from now. The # of souls and sacrifices will be enough at that time. We have an additional batch of slaves coming through here in 2 days that will guarantee we have enough. Akalada the Yellow Fang brings them to ensure they arrive safely. The mass sacrifice of those under the machine’s influence will be enough to power the ritual. There can be no mistakes when we are so close.

I continue to be concerned with Tulka and her agenda. Trusting a priestess of Vecna is nigh impossible. I do understand we need her in this ritual to bring Sebakar back from the dead but at what price?

Sebakar will be a mighty Immortal for you my lord. A bit brutish certainly but under your control a powerful weapon. I am unworthy to question your judgement of course but I am curious why Armagon is not your Immortal great one…

Still no sign of any Deceiver influence. We are ever watchful of spies and have executed any that seem suspicious but nothing at all even at this late stage. Armagon assures us they will be involved and will try to stop us. We have taken his wisdom to heart and used the tools provided to keep them away directly but are concerned about his warnings of “indirect involvement”.

The alliance with Morsiphian came to an end. That was too good to be true. The creature Otag-Nepthal was too dangerous and demanded too much of the proud creature. We now are on constant lookout for the Immortal Abomination. His desire for the Compass will consume him at this point.

As indicated before a group of adventurers have come to one of the towns… Lorlea. They have seized control of it now and word is they defeated Otag-Nepthal. That area has proven to be by far the most dangerous and difficult to control. In focusing our efforts on Otag-Nepthal and Morsiphian we failed to anticipate a powerful group of adventurers appearing.

There is the possibility they will be coming this way. I have informed the guardians on the lower level of the Pyramid, Akalada, the Poison Dusk Alliance with us here, and of course Bejik, Tulka Deethrattle and Bokar.

I must get back to work. Praise Zehir.


RobertDM RobertDM

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