Champions of Tymeria

Forced March to the Pyramid

The Journal of Akalada the Yellow Fang


Praise Zehir. I kill and bring you souls for harvesting. And the fields are fertile.

All as planned until I reached the Swamp. The slaves I bring with me is enough to finish to finish the ritual.

Once within the Swamp though I discover a group of Adventurers has passed through. Their tracks are easy to follow.

I’m forced (delighted) to slaughter the Treant and Owlbear guardian when they don’t provide information on the group passing through. A simple ritual on the equipment left behind by the party allows me to divine who they are. I will donate their gear to the cause of course and have it with me. Their purpose is obvious. They are the group from the town of Lorlea. They are persistent and competent. Excellent.

I will not be able to catch them before they reach the Pyramid. Too far behind. I am on a force March though and will be at the Pyramid now in a day and a half. I will slaughter the group and feed their souls to Zehir! 2300 souls now and counting great one! It will be too late for them when they realize they are outclassed. Nowhere to escape to.

I live to kill. I live to serve. I kill to live.

Akalada is coming for you…


RobertDM RobertDM

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