Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued 6)

September 17, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

We were looking at this humanoid rhino that clearly was coming out of a haze. A fight was about to happen when out of nowhere Beriah and his new pal, MaulSpike the ogre, appeared. At the time I didn’t noticed that Windy had gone missing again, it won’t be until the fight got underway that I would realize that Windy had disappeared again. I really hope she hasn’t been abducted again; unless it is by really nice people this time.

This battle we had with the rhino was extremely taxing. It started off alright, that was until the little metal construct went over to another one of those pods and started opening it up. I ran up to it and tried to stop it, but it was far more agile than I expected.

Fingers came to help me take out the construct while the other focused on the big guy. At the same time Beriah telepathically warned Fingers about the panels, letting him know to try and destroy them. Fingers hacked at the panel with his weapon. I didn’t know this was why Fingers when for the panel at the time, but seeing him focusing on the panel I got the idea he knew something about needing to attack the panels. So I unleashed a furious storm of blows against both the construct and panel. And not to brag, but my punching caused the panel to spark up like fireworks.

While this was going on Beriah used his magic to set one panel after another ablaze. Though there were so many there would be no way for him to get to all in time, which I will explain shortly here.

Then I heard this loud stamping and witness the rhino man charged through Phoen and Darrack, then circle around, bursting past the ogre and hitting into Beriah. He finished his run next to me. While this was happening Fingers managed to take out the little metal construct. But another one of those things came out from where the first one appeared. Sigh.

But what was worse is that it went to a different pod, releasing a giant head monster guy on two legs. It looked like an experiment gone horribly wrong. Darrack yelled to MaulSpike to help him push one of the couches in front of the door the droids were coming through. I guess he too was getting a little tired of these constructs opening pods with random, crazy creatures in them.

Seeing that more enemies were showing up I decided it was time to take down the rhino man. I used a powerful sweeping kick to cut down the giant. Well, I mean giant in size, not that he was a Giant. Though, he might have been made with parts of a giant possibly. This would be the place to see something like that.

Anyway, Darrack and MaulSpike were able to block the door, but not before another one of those buggers slipped out. It managed to get the remaining panel that was still functional and that introduced us to some sort of moth person, thingy.

And at some point that head monster took brief control over Phoen, making him attack me! I didn’t realize this right away, yelling at Phoen, “What’s your damage?!” But then I detected a haze in his eyes denoting the telltale signs of mind control. After that I rushed the moth and perfectly executed my Masterful Spiral technique. But that wasn’t enough and the moth used Chain Lightning against everybody! Luckily Beriah had his own lightning, casting his one spell rolling lightning… thunder, something like that and killed the moth person. Then Darrack smashed the head guy with his battle axe, taking out that nightmare.

We then looked around the room, Darrack and I investigated the desk while Beriah inspected one of the opened pods. There was some sort of images being shown, kinda like that of those seeing crystals fortunetellers use, except not orb shape. Darrack took careful note of the different rooms being shown by this device on the desk. There were five different rooms being shown; one was a dark room, another well-lit room with blood all over the place, another room had a giant machine which appeared to be some kinda forge, then there was a circular room with panels and some wires that were sparking, possibly another metal elevator, and then there was another room which escapes my memory of what it was.

I decided to check out that small room where the constructs were coming from. The couch, despite blocking them, did not break their spirits in trying to get back into the room. Opening the door they were able to go back into the small room. In this room there were lockers and little stations for the little constructs to go back and rest. At least I guess they were resting, I need to talk to an expert on constructs to get a better idea. But later on we would learn about batteries and energy being stored in them, so it probably has something to do with that.

Anyway, the lockers were open for the most part. I found some interesting metallic items, a bunch more of those silver disks, 29 of them. However, most of them were not lit up, only three of them. There was a small cylinder thingy that we would later find out is a flashlight, a device that works kinda like a sunrod or Beriah’s light spell. There was also a mystery bin with a lock on it. I gathered up these things.

Darrack asked the constructs what these were, but they went off on their spill from before. And not being interested in that we decided to decline their suggestion. So the party decided to follow the blood trail. On our way out I told the constructs to clean up before we got back, and they responded with, “We will put in a request.” Shrug. We will see if that actually happens.

The next room we went through was a wide, curved hallway that wrapped around, heading 180 degrees the other way. At the end of the hallway were two more doors, one which the blood trail led through and the other heading in the direction back to the room which we came. Not wanting to get flanked we decided to inspect that room before continuing with the trail.

In the room were a bunch of dead animals and insects. One of them that stood out was a wasp. They seemed to have been held in smaller versions of those strange pods from before. Most of them were open. There were desks, vials, beakers, and broken glass on the floor, the whole place was a mess. There were around 25 vials which had different color liquids in them; green, red, and blue.

The party tried to decipher the writings by looking at what animals were next to a pod, matching up symbols and all that like. I was pretty impressed by that, they are like archeologists. Well, why they were doing that I let my curiosity get the better of me and I opened up one of the pods. Luckily there were not giant wasps or ants that jumped out to attack. Instead, inside were these small containers which I put them into my backpack. As I was doing this I noticed my party had started to walk away, so I followed after them and after the trail of blood.

In that room there were desks on the far end, a table to our left and door to our left, and a humming machine to our right. The table was covered with rocks and dirt, as well as samples of fungus. The blood trailed appeared to have been cleaned up by somebody. It didn’t take us long to figure out who cleaned it because in the far corner there was this odd fungus creature that spoke with us telepathically.

The short of it is he said he was hungry and I offer jerky which he didn’t like. So this lead Darrack to go back to the rhino guy and cut off the arms, bring them back so the fungus creature can have some fresh blood. We also told him there was more blood out in the other room, but the creature, who decided to call himself Beriah, didn’t want to leave the room.

While that was going on I looked over the fungus samples on the table and discovered a useful mushroom for handling poison. Phoen opened the humming machine. It turned out to be some sort of warming machine for growing fungus or something.

With that all done we decided it was time to leave, but Beriah Jr. was upset and attacked. He temporarily blinded everybody except Phoen. So our Barbarian was able to lead us all to safety and we shut the door behind us.

Luckily the creature had only cleaned up the blood in its room so we were able to pick back up the trail. The hallway led to another room. This one smelt strongly of blood. In it there was a metal desk, weird beds with mechanical arms over them, more constructs (some small ones with hammers for arms, other human size ones without arms), and a blue skin female.

This woman was hostile, initially. I and Darrack spoke with her. Beriah seemed to have a distain for her and wanted to take her alive. Well, that would be done for sure, but not as he was expecting! I, after failing to reason with the fungus person, really didn’t want to make another enemy. I felt like the fungus person that she didn’t truly understand fully what she was doing or why she had to guard the place.

That is why I engaged her in conversation, posing philosophical questions about purpose, questions she seemed to have not considered before. I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not, but defeating evil isn’t always done by killing, sometimes it is about enlightenment. That is something I learned from my teacher during my monk training at the monastery. As a result of our conversation the woman decided that she would walk her own path, and then she hugged me. That’s enough to make me blush.

From there we were able to have a conversation with Mayonah, she apparently is some sort of construct called an android. We learned a good deal from her and she offered to enhance us. We decided to skip that for the time being since the beds that would do that were not in top shape, to say the least. She showed us around the floor. She educated us on the items we had gathered, we learned about the flashlight and other technologies of the people called the Travelers, which were defeated a long time ago.

We met this Orc called Bracard that was being held in a chamber, he had been turned partially into a fungus creature. So much fungus here and this isn’t even the Underdark. She agreed to put him into stasis.

Next up we headed to the Medical Room where we found Jansha, a little Human girl that had one of her legs surgically removed. She was scared, but Beriah used some of his illusionary magic to calm her down. We decided that MaulSpike could carry her out of here. It is so sad to see what has happened to her, assuming we make it out of here I will find a cleric that can restore her leg. That might cost a lot, but I think it is the right thing to do.

In that same room there was this magic user, a male Elf who was out of it. Then we healed him and he became aware. He told us that he is a member of this secretive society called ‘Children of the Dove’. They fight a group known as ‘the Enemy’. Apparently history has been falsified about the second Dawn War and that the Red Knight is one of the true gods that can still be trusted, along with the Raven Queen. If we do come across his society he told us to give his name, Riceling.

Phoen revealed he had been asked to worship the Raven Queen, which is why I brought her up earlier. We also learned that Cyraka is being summoned by the cult not as he once was, but as an immortal for Zehir. We decided to take Riceling along with us. Mayonah grabbed medical supplies from the room, then we headed to the elevator room.

There were wires hanging down that we needed to repair. Darrack shined the flashlight onto a seeing orb like thingy, apparently this is the device that let us see this room earlier. Also, there were light blue lights next to all the names of the floors, except the Engineering floor which was a dark blue.

Anyway, Phoen opened the ceiling with his ax so I could climb up there and look for where the wire needed to be plugged in. The short of it, Beriah used a ritual to repair the coupling and I got shocked while helping with plugging things in and it hurt a lot. The elevator was repaired and we headed to the next floor.

And the next room was spherical, with mud and stink, and ramps to the right and left. There were four doors. And standing in the room are these reptilian humanoid creatures, but who cares because I think I smell Troglodytes. Alright, time to turn around! Somehow I think if I suggested that to the rest of the Party they will think I have lost my mind.

The Pyramid (continued 5)
Nanami's Journal Entry

September 3, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Here we are again, still in the Pyramid of much evilness. A bit of exciting news, the Red Knight appeared in front of us again and told us that the Pyramid was built in order to imprison a powerful being. And the pyramid is part of an ongoing war. She warned of dangers up ahead for the whole lot of us, yay? Well, at least there is more exploring to do, plus there will be a neat thing coming up, but I am telling this story in order.

We once again separate from members in the party, Beriah and a few others went to talk with the new ogre pal of ours. And my good friend Windy showed back up. Apparently she was abducted by some of the Snake Folk. I am a little worry about what they did to her; I hope she is able to recover fully. But we must press onward. There is a world at stake.

We get to this door without a handle or knob; voice spoke out about ignorance. Windy solved the riddle by closing her eyes, plugging her ears, and walking into the door. The rest of us did the same and met with similar results. And by similar I mean we went through the door.

We get into this small room with a bunch of doors. Windy and I looked about, trying to figure out how to get through the next door. It was magically sealed or something. Anyway, Darrack and Phoen decide to use the exciting method of bashing through the door, but that didn’t work because each time they did that a new door appeared behind the bashed door.

Windy tried the walk through the door trick again with her eyes shut, but that didn’t work. Then I decided we should try and put out the touches and see if that work; which sadly it did not. However, I got the idea that maybe we had to look at the other doors to solve this riddle. After experimenting with the other doors we unlocked the one we had been trying to get through!

We went through a hallway to a room with stairs around a square shaft. The stairs, though wide, their treads were narrow, but that would be the least treacherous thing about them. The second set of them shifted toward the pit, making it very dangerous to move up them. So Windy and the gang worked out this rope system to help us keep our balance.

During all this we ended up in combat with this flying statue thingies and a Snake Lady. Windy was very upset to see this woman and said she looked like the people that abducted her. She kinda lost it, it was a bit disturbing, I don’t really see her like this too often… or ever. Well, the lady escapes by turning invisible and we make our way to the second floor.

The first room we got into was this short hallway made of smooth grey metal with panels of lighter materials above. There was a pile of metal junk to our left. A door was in front of us, it was made of that smooth grey metal. There were these lights by the door. Windy put her hand on it and opened up the door. We found ourselves in another hallway.

Then after that one we got to a room with metal cages that looked like they were crushed or something, we bones of a long dead animal in one of them. Those bones turned to dust as soon as they were touched. Windy and I looked through the rumble and she found some strange items. Some sort of gripper blacksmith tongs thingy, a weird pick tool, and a silver disk.

This room had another one of those metal doors with the magic light to the side of it. I went to open it this time, but it didn’t work. That was disappointing, enough to make me cry thinking about it. Well not literally cry, but that metaphorical kind. Windy used the keycard to open the door. I hoped that made her smile a little bit inside, seeing me fail at opening a door and she getting us through another door.

Anyway, the door opened up to this vast cavernous room filled with sand. In fact, it was so big that it looked like we had walked into a desert. Looking around at the top of the room there was this grey dome that had bits broken, and showed a sky through it. Either that or the bits that were broken were the grey and the sky was some sort of illusion, it was hard to tell. There was also a cool breeze that came through the room.

We got to tracking the people who had been captured and were being taken to the machine, we think. Which was a bit of a trick with tracks being all around us, but Phoen found the right ones. As we moved along we noticed cliffs to our right and humanoid bones in the ground. We went around a dune and saw caves in the distant. There was a brief battle with four armed skeletons, Phoen and I each took out one of them. I took their swords, might be able to do things with those.

As we traveled farther I noticed a patch of boney hands that were grabbing out. It was some sort of weak necromancy magic where these skeletons were not fully animated, but they would try to grab passer byes. That is when I decided to treat those hands like the undergrowth of the jungle and used the sword I got from the four armed skeleton to slash away at any thick patches of those hands.

However, there were skeletons that were fully animated that starting popping up from the sand. We were being swarmed so we decided to make for a tactical withdraw to the caves in the distant. This tactic dumbstruck the skeletons long enough for use to get enough distance between them and us. We were pretty much out of sight before they realize to give chase. Then we got to the cave with light coming from within it.

Going into the cave we found the most extraordinary of things, evidence for an unknown civilization of four armed humanoids!!! That probably explains the four armed skeletons we saw and fought. Anyway, the evidence I speak of were these paintings on the wall and ancient tools littered about the cave. In another area of the caverns there was a painting of the four armed people looking at a bright object in the sky.

We also found this weird, metallic, insect creature fellow by the name of Anaxion. He was some sort of construct and could speak with us. It turned out the four armed people were indeed turned into skeletons. And it was because of their leader that reached out to an ancient power or god of sorts. He also explained that the disk is a battier that powers different kinds of devices.

Anyway, he took us to the next place we needed to go; apparently his lamp keeps the skeletons at bay. We made our way and ran into this really strange and creepy guy named Neogi the Reaver. He looked like a giant insect monster with the face of an elf. He talked of needing blood, but only a little would be needed, so we gave him a bottle worth of our blood.

Then my party made a deal with him for more information by promising to bring back live cultists. That only adds to the creepiness of this man. I mean, he was creepier than that shadow figure I saw that one time backstage at the Kiki Theater. When Clara and I investigated all we were able to find was a patch of floor covered in ice. We also heard some whispering, which unnerved me, but not Clara. Now I shudder with two creepy things running through my mind. Alright, need to get back to the story at hand.

Well, Neogi drank the blood and his face looked no longer dried out. He gave us information and we parted ways. Then Anixoin toke us to the next tunnel. There was an illusionary wall in the cavern. Before leaving he gave use a locket with the image of a mother and baby daughter inside of it. The name on it is Chaney. He didn’t know much about it, but now I will keep an eye out for anybody by the name of Chaney.

So we continued on into another metal room with complex machines. Windy fixed some of the damaged wires to keep us from getting shocked by them. The next room had a glass top table and a metal desk with a pillar of purple next to it. It projected an image of the desert back from a long time ago. We could tell because the ceiling wasn’t broken in this image. Then a button was pushed and a voice heard.

After that we decided to move on to the next room. This room was like the others in material, though there were paintings on the wall that looked quiet out of place and recent. It had writings on it and seemed to be prayers to some force referred to as ‘shadow in the sand’. This apparently is the long gone god Taerdrex. The writing was a mix of awe and frustration, making it seemed like the writer was cursed by this being.

We then met this four armed guy named Hetuteh, the leader who got his people cursed in the first place, as well as himself. Talking with him it became apparent he was not happy at all, which makes sense if you cursed your people. The conversation started breaking down when at the moment I remembered a historical event with parallels to what he was going through.

The story I told was about the event took place west of my homeland, centuries ago. There was a town where the mayor, she had made a deal with being known as ‘the great spider’ or something similar to that name. The creature helped the mayor defeat the monsters invading the town only to turn the people into monsters. Then a group of heroes came by and were able to lift the curse by defeating some sort of monstrous spider creature thingy.

This story gave him some hope, I think. He decided to help us and gave my group a black card that opens doors, a bunch of gold, and some magic boots, called Free Step Boots. We gave them to Phoen.

Then we used the black card to get to the next level. We entered into this small cylinder room with buttons. The buttons were labeled 4 Engineering, 3 Science, 2 Crew Deck, and 1 Docking. The only floor we were able to reach using this strange elevator was the science level. The bottom two were light up red and the top one was flashing red. Well, maybe we could have reached them, but red lights seemed to indicate otherwise. Or at least that is what I remembered.

Anyway, we made it to the next level and found ourselves in a new room. This room had a round table, black couches, and dry, splattered blood on the floor and wall. On the walls were these clear material things with lights on some of them, some sort of giant artificial pods. Then a small metal construct comes out and inspected us. He didn’t really answer any of our questions. He said he had something interesting for us and then he opened up one of those odd pods, out came a rhino man. We could hope he wants to dance, but that’s not likely. What the heck kind of place is this?!

The Pyramid (continued 4)
Nanami's Journal Entry

July 9, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

So we talked with the lizard folk, Jubay, the one that was throwing fireballs at us through mirrors. Apparently he is really afraid of where we want to head to, a place under the control of the followers of Vecna. Yay, undead evil people to fight! Sigh.

After discussing what to do with Jubay it is decided we will bring him along. The party still seems a bit miffed about the whole fireball thing, but clearly he was doing it against his will so I have already forgiven him. Besides, he might turn out to be a good ally in our fight against evil.

Anyways, we made our way to the area controlled by Vecna followers. The first room we tried listening at the door and we heard nothing. So we announced ourselves and we still heard nothing, so like we do we open the door. I love when doors get open. Except in the cases where something horrible comes out. But in this case we have come across a creepy dark room with pillars and statues. That’s always fun to explore.

The room was divided by a series of columns into four section. Each of the sections had a statue in the middle lighten up, but the rest of the area was surrounded in darkness, some sort of magical darkness. Between the rolls of pillars there was light. The statue to our right was of a vampire. A really fascinating room, but we quickly found ourselves under attack. Somebody was hiding in the darkness attacking us.

The cleric, Darrack, bravely went into the darkness to see who was attacking us. The darkness, it turned out, was magical. Anyway, he ended up in a conversation with this skeleton spellcaster that wore skulls around his neck, three of them. He started asking Darrack all sorts of questions in a very calm manner. There were also little vampire like humanoid creatures swarming in the darkness.

Also, some of us realized the statues in the room had magical properties. Beriah was able to get control over the statue to our right, but he was unable to dispel the darkness. I got an idea to pray to the spirits and gods to remove the darkness, and it worked around the vampire statues. The spirits of nature grew grass from the stone itself, transforming it to a strange sort of grassy meadow. Very neat!

Well, anyway, the battle went on and Darrack was knocked out, but Drago came to the rescue. And while that was going on the skull guy was disappointed by Darrack because he wanted to ask him more questions. Meanwhile, these skeleton warriors started attacking us on the right side from the darkness that remained in most of the room.

Then we all got the idea of charging to the baddies on the left. The cleric went whoosh, smashing into the skull guy with his holy ax of power. It looked like the skull guy was going to go down, but one of his skulls exploded and healed him or something. It was like some sort of witchdoctor magic. Anyways, we ended up surrounding the leader.

Oh, and Raagar used his druidic magic to summon a giant frog that hit one of the skeletons with his tongue and dragged it too him. We continued piling on the leader. I manage to land a well-placed strike against Mr. Skull Guy and the frog got the last whack.

After all that we inspected the statues and searched the room. Beriah, Drago, Darrack, and Persephene worked on cleansing the statues and removing the darkness. Then we worked out how to move the statues to overlap with the boons they imparted on the controllers. Also, a merchant had shown up that had escaped capture. Well, sort of, I’ll get back to him later. Anyway, we learned that Yellow Fang was in the Pyramid.

Anyways, the ambush we decided to set up for Akalada the Yellow Fang looked like it would be pretty good. Drago had used a potion, I think, to turn invisible. Raagar transformed into a spider to hide on one of the pillars. I and a few others hid behind pillars and statues. We had Jubay “tied up” to one of the columns as bait, and the cleric pretend to be unconscious on the floor. Which now that I think about it is odd since he was already in the position earlier and you might think one would not want to pretend to go through that again, but it’s all part of the trap.

Sigh. Well it turned out the merchant was really Akalada in disguise, an illusion spell. She started attacking, but I didn’t notice it at first because she was so stealthy, instead we had lizard folk that showed up. Well, they were invisible, but once they started attacking it broke their invisibility that was casted on them.

What followed was a long battle in which Persephene at one point summoned her own darkness. And Darrack asked for help from the Red Knight, causing two of the columns in front of one of the doors to collapse, partially blocking lizard reinforcements. Beriah shored up the defenses by casting one of his lightning spells, that one that creates the orbs that shock enemies when they get near.

At some point Akalada disappears. Phoen goes over to the other door in the room, hearing force marching in the hallway. I joined him, going into the hallway to find lizard folk marching captured people into another room down the hallway. I tried to fight through them, but they were quick agile buggers. More of my friends poured into the hallway and we managed to fight through the minions into the next room.

In the next room there were even more of Akalada’s lackeys that we had to take down. On the other side of this room were two smaller doors, separated by this wall that bulged out, both doors went into the next room.

Getting into the next room there were even more of those cursed followers we had to fight through. However, there was this giant ogre who it turned out was blind. The reason for this became apparent when this half snake lady with snake hair slithered out of a pile of garbage. From my adventuring, I guess she was some sort of medusa.

But even as this was going another enemy came slithering from the hallway to attack our backside. It was this giant constricting snake monster. Phoen and Raagar fought with it while the rest of us focused in on the Ogre and Snake Trash Lady. It was looking pretty dire, but once again the cleric was able to call upon the Red Knight to aid us. An image of the knight appeared and launched a mighty fireball at the medusa.

With one enemy down, it looked like we might have it a bit easier, that was until Akalada showed up. So many snakes, so many snakes, I am thinking the snake spirits our upset with me. Or maybe they aren’t upset with me, maybe it’s a sign they are in trouble, some sort of out of balance thing. It was like when we had swarm of dragonflies in Seto. Apparently there was a really weird cult doing bizarre experiments with insects and that got the dragonfly spirits all upset. But that’s not what I am writing about, sometimes I can’t help to lose track.

Anyway, we knocked out the ogre and killed the giant snake. This allowed us to focus on Akalada and finally defeat her, this time she wasn’t able to slip away.

It turned out the Ogre survived and wants now to join with use. I think he took a liking to Beriah. After the fight we searched the bodies and the area. We discovered that she, Yellow Fang, had a room with treasures and trophies of her victims. My friends ran across equipment they had given up in order to get into the Fey Wild.

We also discovered something really disturbing. She had killed our friend, the White Dragon. I was thrown off when somebody suggested we use his scales to make some sort of armor. No, I am not having that, we are to bury him outside the Pyramid. We need to hold up our part of the deal even though he is dead. Sigh. The real question is if I can get my teammates to realize we need to do this.

I am really starting to hate Zehir.

The Pyramid (continued 3)
Nanami's Journal Entry

June 25th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

I am starting to think the Pyramid is really good at getting people separated. It’s like a labyrinth at random times. I mean, we already lost half a dozen members, but luckily Windy is back! Yay! I was really worried she was hurt or possible exploring a super special awesome secret section of the Pyramid without me, I mean, the entire party. Anyway, the two new people in the group have gone missing, the dwarf and the elf. (shrugs)

Anyways, things have been getting strange. The raven pal of Phoen squawked as we were discussing now to remove the seeds. Which isn’t the strange part, no it was when he, Black Stalker, pecked out the seed from Phoen, swallowed it, then spat it back out, and placed it back into Phoen’s arm. Also, it also started to stink a little.

Then Phoen decided to ask his friend to repeat this on the rest of us, which he refused to do. Luckily Persephene was able to cut the seeds out of the rest of us. And then Windy cut hers in half. But it wasn’t really anything in it, but itself. Well, after all these things we decided to send Beriah and Drago to see if we couldn’t get help from Gharesh and his people.

So they were able to get Gharesh to join with us to take on the plant faction. To be truthful, I tried to find the good in that faction, but after the whole seed thing and not holding up their end of the bargain, and the creepy vibe everybody is getting… Also, I was getting a sense that the spirits wanted me to defeat the corruption.

We all headed to the plant people with our plan ready. Windy would use her roguish skills to jam the door to the eastern room when we go through it, in order to prevent reinforcement from that direction. They seem to get suspicious when she kept shutting that door so I made up a story about how Windy loves to close doors, even when we were in the Palace to the Spider Queen.

Is there a palace run by a spider queen? Maybe, there are all sorts of strange places out there. Wait, I remembered that abandoned manor that Windy and I explored. It had a lot of spiders, most of them common non-monstrous types, well, aside from that one part with the monstrous black widow. I guess there is a palace of sorts with a spider queen. Wait, what about Lolth…?

Anyway, we managed to fool them long enough to get into position against the south wall. It wasn’t a long conversation before we started the epic battle. Persphene used some special ranger magic to cleanse the shrine with the power of vines wrapping around and cracking it.

The battle was brutal. At one point in the battle I fell, but Windy protected me. I’ve learned to not like dire boars and plant monsters all that much. During the battle Persphene called an angel and Drago had this halo and wings thing. These celestial powers helped to protect us against all manner of monster, including this woman who had this bashee like wailing power. I unleashed my emerald flame, burning as many enemies as I could. The White Dragon sent ice elementals to help us and they were needed.

The battle was tough, but we survived. Well, I guess that is a given since I am writing about it. Though, I suppose I could be doing this as a ghost. But that’s not what is going on. Unless I don’t know if I am a ghost, wait, how would I tell? I could pinch myself and see if it hurts. Give me a moment. Okay, back and the pinch hurt so I’m alive. With that mystery solved I shall continue on with my story.

Oh, there is something important to note. After defeating Camnor, that evil vibe disappeared and I felt the presence of a spirit. I feel different somehow, like I might have been given something. That’s something I will have to meditate on when I get a chance. So another mystery is added. But this time I shall continue the story without solving it here and now.

We searched the rooms and found some stuff we could sell and some magic potions. Persphene, Phoen, and Beriah teamed up to give the dead boar to the White Dragon as a gift. It was Persphene’s idea, but she needed Beriah’s magic floating disc and Phoen to lift it up onto the disc. We also got the last of the keys for the level, yay our side!

Anyway, we decided to finish exploring the first level to make sure we weren’t leaving behind any dangerous enemies that could sneak up on us and we also needed to find the exit to the next level. Well, exploring we came across a hallway with mirrors and Persphene screamed in pain and was bleeding from her nose. She managed to shake it off, but I was really concerned. I assumed it had something to do with the mirrors and Fingers went over to one to smash it. At the same time Drago tried to open a door across from us with his hammer, and that didn’t really work so it would be up to Windy to get it open.

While all this was going on, it turned out the mirrors were magic and a Lizard Folk started shooting fireballs from them. And then there were a few green orcs and some weird little dudes of darkness. Two of the orcs were on the other side of the door Windy opened. That was not what we were hoping to find.

Fingers managed to smash one of the mirrors. Persphene shot one and shattered it, but those things could magically regenerate. I call that cheating because mirrors aren’t supposed to do that. Then I got hit by a potion in the back of my head that shattered and created a healing mist. I was going to complain to Drago about that, but getting healed is nice.

It was an interesting battle, for some reason Beriah seemed to be the main target of all the attacks. Phoen was fighting one of the orcs when I came flipping my way toward the orc and jumped up into the air, coming down with a devastating kick to the orc’s head. After all the fighting we have been doing that was really satisfying.

Well, we beat down all the enemies besides the mirror lizard. However, I noticed another door and went to that, I shouted for Windy to open it because it was locked, but then I decided just to kick it down. In that room there was the Lizard Dude that had been casting the fireball spells. I got him to surrender and it turned out that he wasn’t all that committed to the cult of Zehir. I decided to make nice with him while Drago wanted to break that guy’s legs and Windy intimidated the poor creature. Anyway, we got him to tell us important information and he will travel with us to point out traps along the way.

It’s a crazy time here in the Mystery Pyramid!

The Pyramid (continued 2)
Nanami's Journal Entry

June 11th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Well, here we are in the Temple. I’m still covered in blood from the Rat King and now we are off to fight the Plant Folk.


Anyway, to fill you all in on what has been happening since killing the Rat Lord guy here I go.

First, we searched the rooms in the rat section of the Pyramid, and we found a few items worth some money. And we found this dog statue thingy. We also looted the garbage monster, my comrades took a tentacle and I removed on of its eyes as proof we had done the deed. It was really gross, well, still is gross I didn’t get rid of it, but gave it to Beriah instead so he can do magic stuff with it.

During the search Windy disappeared into what I can only assume was a super-secret room. I am so jealous. But what can you do? So we continue onward, er, backward to the Plant Folk. And to be clear, at this time we were still “buddies” with them.

So on our way back Persephene gets a telepathic message from Beriah, apparently they are fighting the plant faction in the room next to us. After some negotiations we managed to convince the plants to stop fighting with our friends. But then they backed out on giving us the key and they wanted to put seeds in everybody. However, they didn’t get to do the seed thing with our friends. But now we have to go fight a White Dragon for them. None of this sits well with me or my party.

We headed to the dragon’s part of the Pyramid. During this point I gave Beriah the eye of the garbage monster. I think those things are actually called Otyugh. But now back to the adventure so far.

We got to a long hallway filled with ice. It was really cold and slippery. There was a fight with the White Dragon’s minions, a bunch of Eladrin. I had terrible luck on the ice and I will leave it at that. Luckily, Beriah was showing some serious tactical skills with he employed his Stink Cloud spell, cutting down many of the enemies. Or should that be poisoning down many of the enemies? Not sure if that makes complete sense.

After that we made our way to the dragon’s lair, Drago knocked on the door and did most of the talking with the dragon at first. Darrack tried to approach, making the White Dragon unhappy. By the way, I forgot to mention, with our friends were two new people, Darrack and Rangar. The first of those two is this dwarven healer who can fight and the second is an elven nature person, druid, I think.

Anyways, back to the story; tensions started mounting and I decided to step up and speak. As if I were being guided by the spirits of the wild, I managed to help Drago with convincing the dragon to ally with us. That and Persephene glowing trick to express out powers was pretty neat. Then I told Beriah to show him the eye of the beast we had slayed.

The results of all that is now we have agreed to help the dragon and he will give us his key. We now have to fight the plant people and get the key they promised us earlier, but failed to follow through on. Maybe there will be a way to talk it out, but I have a feeling that option is off the table, and on the floor, next to a mouse hole, and then the mouse has come out and grabbed it, running with it back into the wall, stashing it somewhere nobody will look.

Now I want to go hunting giant swamp rats with my classmates from the academy. But that is for another time, another place, most likely a swamp since that is where those rats are found. Just thinking about that brings back memories of the sunken temple and when Clara and I were first exploring for the Society and the Order.

But now it is time to focus on the task coming at hand. The plan for handling the plant people must be made.

Forced March to the Pyramid
The Journal of Akalada the Yellow Fang


Praise Zehir. I kill and bring you souls for harvesting. And the fields are fertile.

All as planned until I reached the Swamp. The slaves I bring with me is enough to finish to finish the ritual.

Once within the Swamp though I discover a group of Adventurers has passed through. Their tracks are easy to follow.

I’m forced (delighted) to slaughter the Treant and Owlbear guardian when they don’t provide information on the group passing through. A simple ritual on the equipment left behind by the party allows me to divine who they are. I will donate their gear to the cause of course and have it with me. Their purpose is obvious. They are the group from the town of Lorlea. They are persistent and competent. Excellent.

I will not be able to catch them before they reach the Pyramid. Too far behind. I am on a force March though and will be at the Pyramid now in a day and a half. I will slaughter the group and feed their souls to Zehir! 2300 souls now and counting great one! It will be too late for them when they realize they are outclassed. Nowhere to escape to.

I live to kill. I live to serve. I kill to live.

Akalada is coming for you…


Beriah was minding his own business as he traveled on his Tenser’s Disk with Persephone by him. It had become usual business, especially thru the murky swamp that they were traveling to. All of the sudden, Beriah was in a prison cell. He had no recollection of how he ended up there. He looked about and found himself alone in the cell. He stood up and then began to look around as he tried to investigate why he was suddenly there and why couldn’t he remember how he got there.

As he came around to the bars of the cell, an angel walked up to the bars. “You have been summoned for your trial. May the gods have mercy on your soul.” The angel summoned lower angels to escort Beriah to his trial. Beriah bowed and followed them to the courtroom. Three lesser good deities sat at the panel. Beriah bowed and acknowledged each of them.

The head deity lead the trial. “Beriah, you have been brought before this tribunal for your crimes. The charges are as follows: summoning a ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil into the feywild and making a pact with said devil. This court will determine your guilt or innocence. If found guilty, your soul will be returned to the astral sea in order to prevent your soul from being corrupted allowing you to return as a Rakshasa. If found innocent, you will be returned to your companions to complete your quests. Beriah, how do you plead to the charges against yourself."

Beriah bowed to the group, “I must plead guilty to the charges. I did commit such an act. If I may explain myself to the court so that they may understand the reasoning behind the charges.”

“Beriah, you will be permitted to explain yourself before this ”/wikis/the-celestial-ward" class=“wiki-page-link”> court. We believe in law and order. As such, we believe all parties may have their reasons. At this time, the court will enter a guilty plea into the records." The deity motioned to an angel that was taking notes. “We will go over each charge and will weigh your response to make a determination on any sentencing that we may have for you. On the charge of summoning a devil into the ”/wikis/the-feywild" class=“wiki-page-link”> feywild, please explain yourself."

“Thank you my lords.” Beriah bowed again to the panel. “My party and I came across some creatures trying to summon a ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil into the feywild. Two of such creatures claimed their mother, the apparent hag, were attempting to summon the devil in order to remove a curse that had been placed on them. After hearing their pleas, I felt that they were truthful and began to assist the hag into properly summoning the devil. At the urging of a companion and because we couldn’t fully trust the creatures we found, I made the necessary changes to the ritual to hold it properly under my control. I felt that if the creatures were truthful, we could persuade the devil in removing the curse. If they were lying, I would prevent them from controlling a devil that could be used against other fey creatures."

The panel members nodded their heads in understanding. “We appreciate the explanation and will take it under consideration. Now, on the charge of making a pact with the same devil. Please explain yourself to this panel.”

Bowing again, Beriah continued. “After the devil was summoned, I spoke to it in regards to the curse. The devil did advise that he placed a curse on them. I requested the ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil to remove the curse it had put on the trio of creatures and to return them to their natural form. The devil refused unless he was given something in return. I told him that I would give him his freedom and allow him to return to his own plane if he removed the curse. The devil refused this proposition. I then made as if I was going to leave the devil in his held state unless he released them and still it refused. I finally asked the devil what it would like in return for removing the curse. The devil wanted one of my past lives. As I have no way of being able to recall them, I felt that allowing it to have a memory in exchange for returning the creatures to their natural form was the greater good. After the terms were accepted, the devil reversed the curse and then took his leave. The trio of creatures returned to their natural Eladrin forms. After accepting their hospitality, my party and I took our leave of them."

“Thank you for your words. We will discuss what you have explained here and make our decision on your sentencing.” The deities turned to the angels, "Please return the prisoner to his cell. Beriah allowed himself to be taken back to the cell. While in the cell, he sat and began to meditate.

An unknown amount of time later, the angel returned to bring Beriah back before the panel. “Beriah, are you prepared to hear the sentencing against you?”

“My lords, I am prepared to accept whatever sentence the panel feels to lay against me.”

“”/characters/beriah" class=“wiki-content-link”>Beriah, for your crimes of summoning a devil and then making a pact with that said devil, you have been found innocent. Your reasoning for committing the crimes is concerning, but we believe you had good intentions when you summoned that devil. As such, we feel that you should be returned to your companions to continue to bring truth, good, and enlightenment to the planes. As a word of caution, take care that you continue to do so."

With that, the angel returned and led Beriah down a corridor he hadn’t noticed before. The guard stopped and pointed down the hallway. “Continue down this corridor and you will be returned to your companions. Do well brother.” With that, the angel walked away. Beriah proceeded down the path until a bright light overtook him…

The Glory of Zehir
The Journal of Yo-Pei



  • 3 Days Until the Summoning

All Glory to Zehir. I kill in your name. I live for the day your coils wrap around the Sun and bring darkness to this world and all others.

As always…I work the machine to bring the ignorant under your control.

First, the accounts…


Number of Slaves converted
Number of Slaves executed to bolster Zehir’s influence
Villages/Towns in progress
Villages/Towns annihilated
Villages/Towns under control

Bokar and his muck dwelling Crocodile Priests have arrived. They have brought the bones of their beast God Sebakar with them.

The Ritual is on schedule for 3 days from now. The # of souls and sacrifices will be enough at that time. We have an additional batch of slaves coming through here in 2 days that will guarantee we have enough. Akalada the Yellow Fang brings them to ensure they arrive safely. The mass sacrifice of those under the machine’s influence will be enough to power the ritual. There can be no mistakes when we are so close.

I continue to be concerned with Tulka and her agenda. Trusting a priestess of Vecna is nigh impossible. I do understand we need her in this ritual to bring Sebakar back from the dead but at what price?

Sebakar will be a mighty Immortal for you my lord. A bit brutish certainly but under your control a powerful weapon. I am unworthy to question your judgement of course but I am curious why Armagon is not your Immortal great one…

Still no sign of any Deceiver influence. We are ever watchful of spies and have executed any that seem suspicious but nothing at all even at this late stage. Armagon assures us they will be involved and will try to stop us. We have taken his wisdom to heart and used the tools provided to keep them away directly but are concerned about his warnings of “indirect involvement”.

The alliance with Morsiphian came to an end. That was too good to be true. The creature Otag-Nepthal was too dangerous and demanded too much of the proud creature. We now are on constant lookout for the Immortal Abomination. His desire for the Compass will consume him at this point.

As indicated before a group of adventurers have come to one of the towns… Lorlea. They have seized control of it now and word is they defeated Otag-Nepthal. That area has proven to be by far the most dangerous and difficult to control. In focusing our efforts on Otag-Nepthal and Morsiphian we failed to anticipate a powerful group of adventurers appearing.

There is the possibility they will be coming this way. I have informed the guardians on the lower level of the Pyramid, Akalada, the Poison Dusk Alliance with us here, and of course Bejik, Tulka Deethrattle and Bokar.

I must get back to work. Praise Zehir.

The Pyramid (continued)
Nanami's Journal Entry

May 28th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Well, after the Lizard Folk we were able to find the next key, yay our side! Anyway, we continued our journey into the Pyramid. We came to this room with columns and some humans. They didn’t want us going to one of the doors in the back of the room. When we asked about it they said there was “nothing of interest there” so I said then it won’t matter if we went into it then.

But they started getting nervous and Windy was able to convince them that we were with the cult of Zehir. Which she did really well, unfortunately they were enemies of that cult. Sigh. So we started fighting the group of human, some armed with crossbows, led by a dragonborn in armor.

The Barbarian ran straight for the leader, like he does. Then I went in and knocked out some of the dragonborn’s teammates. Unfortunately there was a crossbow guy all yelling bullseye and trying to shot me with a crossbow. After the first time with that happening I made sure to hit the deck and avoid a second round of his stunning bolt. And I don’t mean that it was really well-made bolt, I mean it literally put me into a daze. Also, the dragonborn, his armor gets all shiny and heals his mate. I wasn’t quite sure because at the time I saw that I was prone on the ground, avoiding the second bolt attack.

However, halfway through the fight some of their men turned into werewolves, which then got use fighting together with the humans and their dragonborn leader. Then bursting through the door we weren’t supposed to go through was another werewolf named Joseph? Or something like that. Well, things got really awkward when it turned out that, that werewolf was the brother of the dragonborn commander guy.

At first he didn’t attack his brother who was a werewolf, but then he changed his mind when his brother started hurting everybody. During the fighting we realized we had no way to actually kill these werewolves since nobody was carrying silver. Well, that was the case until I unleashed by special wind technique that tore apart one of the werewolves while slamming Joseph into the wall. So now we know, silver and wind both work to kill werewolves.
But, we didn’t want to kill the dragonborn’s brother so we just knocked him out. Then Persephene broke out with some metal chain to help them tie up Joseph; which naturally she wanted to be reimbursed. Sigh again. So talking with these guys we learned that they are in a struggle with the cultists and other people in the Pyramid.

We decided to provide them help, by looking for anything that might break the werewolf curse on the dragonborn’s brother. And they told us one of their men went missing after going into the chapel. We decided to investigate that, after we had a good long rest to get our strength backup.

We made our way to the chapel, coming across a room with whispering statues. That was kinda strange. Well, we then found the chapel and this robed woman saying prayers to [Ermonias?]. She told use she was trapped in the room by the people we were helping. So not turning done a request for help we went to work on the runes that seem to have her sealed in the chapel.

Windy did a lot of good work using her know-how of traps to start taking apart the runes. But as that happened demons kept being summoned by the runes. And for some reason I couldn’t hit them for half the time we were fighting them. Though, I tried to talk to them to get their side of the story, but they refused to talk. Too bad, because after helping the lady get out it turns out she was actually a succubus.

Now, my friends were quieted jaded by this. Me, on the other hand, I felt bad I didn’t think to ask the woman more questions before we decided to help her. However, I don’t know for certain if she really was evil and tricked us. I know she tricked us, but I’ve seen some pretty dark souls redeemed, so maybe. Either that or it is just a charm spell, but I would like to think maybe she isn’t all evil. I wonder if we will run into her again. I am curious to what she is doing in the Pyramid and who she really is.

After the demon left we examined the room, I discovered a secret door, and it led us to a treasure chest which Windy opened. So, it wasn’t a complete lose. Sorta. Anyway, we went back to where the rainbows initially split off in the hallway and started looking for keys and answers in the south-west of the Pyramid.

We entered into this big room with vines hanging down from the ceiling. It was all humid and warm, plus there was dirt on the ground, lots of it. In fact, it went down more than a foot before I hit rock. Which, by the way I was borrowing Windy’s shovel to do that. She thought me odd for that, but I wanted to make sure we weren’t dealing with a false floor. Oh, how I hate false floors. Grrr. Then again, Windy did put on a gas mask we got from the ogres earlier. So, who truly is the odd one here?

As I was doing that Persephene was working on a ritual to help us. Not sure what it was supposed to have done because she couldn’t finish. See, the Barbarian decided to investigate the vines there was some strange goblin-like creature that went flying by playing tag with a blade. Well, I tried to tag him back, but man he was fast. Then the Barbarian tagged that guy with his weapon.

It wasn’t long before we were fighting plant people and fast running goblin-ish guys. We decided to try and made our way through the room to the next to get out of the vines and take away their hiding places. Well, that didn’t go as plan as we ran into more plant people who we ended up negotiating a cease in hostilities. We learned they had one of the keys and the leader, he wanted out of the place, but needed our help in killing the Rat King or was it Rat Lord. Anyway, that would prove to be a very disguising experience.

Not really wanting to go into too many details here, but we find the room that is under the control of the Rat King and there was of all things a false floor. You can’t see it right now because I am writing this, but my ears have gone back, well, you’ll have to trust me on that if you are reading this. Anyway, the Rat Lord turned out to be a trash monster thingy of doom.

The whole battle with him was a mess. First the Barbarian gets flung into the room next to use with the creature in it via a floor trap. We fight off a hoard of diseased rats. Windy figures if she could get below it somehow we she could disable it, she also realized it was going to trigger again, but we both ended up in the room with the Rat Leader Guy. I made a mighty wind ki strike against the beast, but It wasn’t long before we were both in another room as the trap sprang again. Then we were surrounded by rats in a small room. Then after burning up as many of the rats as I could with my fire technique we ended up in yet another room, though this time I was able to find the gears to the machine and Windy was able to reset and disable the trap.

After that we all went took on the trash monster and defeated it. I need a bath, a nice hot bath with plenty of soap. That and a good book to read, sigh. Clara would know the perfect book for that if she were here

The Sacred Book of Lugun
What have we done so far? (updated after 5/14/2016 session)

…Complete these Quests in Lugun’s name and be rewarded…_

1. Convince the villagers of Lorlea to migrate to Tymeria.

2. Destroy the unnatural beast terrorizing the town of Lorlea.
– completed – 2500gp earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

3. Stop the cult of the Midnight Serpent;s activities within Lorlea.
- completed – 500gp earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

4. Locate the facility in the Feywild and hald Zehir’s expansion.

5. Eliminate the threats to Lorlea and allow for continued trade and expansion for the village.

6. Locate the source of Vecna’s involvement in the area and put an end to the plans of his underlings.

7. Convert Shrines and other places of worship of dark deities to Lugun.
- converted one – 25gp Earned (redeemable at any temple of Lugun)

8. Bring back any artifacts to Tymeria for study

9. Locate the Crocodile Priests and disrupt whatever plans they have in place.


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